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Our minimum is 100 shirts per design

This is part of a newspaper article that included our shop.

Star Bulletin Masthead

Vol. 10, Issue 347 - Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A dozen days of gift ideas

Chad Horimoto, owner of Carin Shirts, silkscreens T-shirts for customers ordering a minimum of 100 shirts. Ronald Iwashida, center, and Mark Watanabe run the silk screen machine in back.

Tees please

Companies help customers create personalized T-shirts


OURS is a nation that takes pride in individuality, so if the messages on T-shirts don't fit your 'tude, try the D.I.Y. route. In the competitive business of silk-screening, a handful of companies will help individuals print up their own shirts, whether for Christmas gift-giving or for groups aiming to put up a united front.

The cost of silk-screening plus the shirt itself generally runs about $7 to $8 per shirt, but that doesn't include the cost of design or silk screens. Depending where you go, the cost ranges from $25 to $40 per color screen used. At Carin Shirts in Kakaako, which deals with greater volume, screens run $25.

The expense can be worthwhile when the shirts are made for a big event, such as a family reunion.

Chad Horimoto with graphic artist Raymond McCabe and a few of McCabe's designs.

Carin Shirts' owner Chad Horimoto printed more than 100 shirts featuring a family mon (crest) for one reunion group. "We typically work with schools, clubs and athletic teams," he said.

Because Carin prints for major manufacturers, he generally requires a minimum order of 100 shirts. Those with smaller jobs are often referred to Quali-T's Screen Printing, which shares space with Carin Shirts.

Quali-T's owner, Guy Nishino, will print a minimum of two dozen shirts, preferring to use camera-ready artwork. He generally works with small businesses that want logo shirts for fun runs or as promotional calling cards.

"I work with a lot of artists who want to show their designs, like tagging or graffiti, at car shows," he said, adding that turnaround time for jobs at Christmas is about two weeks with camera-ready artwork.


Ronald Iwashida adjusts the design on the silkscreen machine.


Carin Shirts: 831B Pohukaina St. Call 596-2097.

Quali-T's Screen Printing: 831-B Pohukaina St. Call 591-2447.

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