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Our minimum is 100 shirts per design

We accept:

Corel Draw X3 and below for PC
Corel Draw 10 and below for Mac
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop


Microsoft Word, Excel, Powepoint or any other Microsoft Office files as artwork.

All files must be “Spot” color and contain no more than 10 colors including Base White and High White if needed. Make sure that all of the fonts that are used in the artwork including special characters and dingbats are converted to artwork: "Outlines" in Illustrator, "Curves" in Corel Draw, and "Shape layers" in Photoshop. Any "Placed" graphics must be included with your file, even if you embed them in the file. Raster Artwork must be a minimum of 300ppi at 100% of the size that it will print on the shirt. If you decide to print two sizes of artwork; one for youth sized shirts and another for adult sized shirts you must supply your art in both sizes.

Artwork can be emailed or sent to us on a cd-rom for a quote. Please include a PDF or color print out of your art with your email or disk. All screens and film will be the property of Carin Shirts. Original artwork will be returned to customer upon request.

The following is a guideline to the standard dimensions of a design we can print on a garment:

Full Front/Full Back Adult: 13" X 15"
Left/Right Chest: 4" X 3"
Full Front Full Back Youth: 9" X 10"
Pocket: 3" X 3.5"
Short Sleeve: 3" X 4"
Long Sleeve: 2" X 10"
Shorts Leg: 3" X 4"

All new artwork or modifications to existing artwork must be approved via email or fax. Pre-production color laser proofs or PDFs are also available upon request via email. Please keep in mind that the colors you see on your monitor may not be accurate depending on your computer system and monitor settings.